W.T. Rawleigh founded this company in the late 1800’s with a vision to create a line of products that possessed both strength and quality. Starting out with Rawleigh Salve, an original formula still used today, Rawleighs quickly became a success and soon other products followed. Today, this company remains a leading manufacturer and distributor of salves, ointments, internal liniment, spices, extracts and so much more.

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Antiseptic Salve

This product has been used to help heal cuts, scrapes, burns, blisters, and bruises for over 100 years. This was one of W.T.’s original products and today it is still one of the best. This antiseptic salve is great for drawing out stubborn blisters and can help you extract dirt from cuts and abrasions.

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Medicated Ointment

People have been using our ointments for generations in order to find relief from chest and nasal congestion. Made from natural products these ointments get results without the harmful chemical side effects. If your head is full or your chest is stuffed, get the relief you yearn for with our natural medical ointment.

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Rawleigh Spices and Extracts

Home cooked meals always taste the best, this is especially true when you use our hand selected lineup of spices and extracts. Never mass produced and made only from the highest quality ingredients our cooking aids, such our Famous Black Pepper and our Double Strength Vanilla Product, will help you create the most flavorful and succulent dishes.

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